NaNeon Series | LED Neon Flex Light

Product Description

This NaNeon Series LED Neon Strip Light is designed for all indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. It's durable, flexible perfect product for outlining buildings, bridges and creating curved lines of light. This state of the art product uses our patented NALED technology and comes in multiple vivid colors of white light, single color, RGB color change and Magic color change. Let NaNeon be your first choice of Neon replacement.


 Model No.  Watt  Input Voltage  CCT  CRI  Lumens  IP Rate  Lifespan  Certificate
 NA-NEON-S612  9W/Meter  DC 12 or 24V  Single color  N/A  30LM/W  IP65  50,000 hrs  ETL CE ROHS
 NA-NEON-S816  9W/Meter  DC 12 or 24V  Single color  N/A  30LM/W  IP65  50,000 hrs  ETL CE ROHS
 NA-NEON-S816-RGB  13.5W/Meter  DC 12 or 24V  RGB  N/A  30LM/W  IP65  50,000 hrs  ETL CE ROHS
 NA-NEON-S816-MAGIC-RGBW  12W/Meter  DC 24V  RGBW  N/A  30LM/W  IP65  50,000 hrs  ETL CE ROHS





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